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Being a marketer was never in the plan 

From an early age I’d love to read and listen to stories.

I lived in the UK, so naturally, being a Melbourne-based marketer and copywriter wasn’t something I aspired to be.

Instead, I figured that like my Grandparents, I too would become an English teacher.

Unfortunately, this clashed with my aspirations to become a professional basketball player like Michael Jordan/ rapper like Eminem.

As I bounced through my teens, my love for clever wordplay and rhymes was strengthened when I discovered Hip Hop.

I would spend hours in my bedroom “crafting” lyrics and rapping about everything from the fact my sister stole my chocolate, through to the realisation that I wasn’t going to be 6 foot 9.

With my hoop dreams deflated but my love for words in tact, I chose to ponder my next possible career move at University where I studied Philosophy.

At first I thought it would be easy to write just 1000 words in an essay as opposed to my friends who did Law and had to write 5000.

Little did I know, structuring a persuasive argument was a whole new style of writing.

Aside from watching cool films like the Back To The Future Trilogy, philosophy taught me to think differently. And convey an argument in a clear and succinct way to an audience.

It taught me a powerful way to express myself through words that would resonate with other people too. (Not just my mum and sister)

So once I graduated, I continued to debate, write and express my views on everything from animal rights and social justice right through to my deepest darkest concerns like “why is celery so popular?” 

The truth is, despite being vegan, I hate the stuff!

Yet I have to feed it to my rescue bunnies every day (but that’s another story for another time)

Me vs Machine

In my early 20s I enrolled onto a graduate programme at an IT Security Corporation in my then home Manchester, England.

This was a career that would prove to open up other doors for me within the tech space.

From the days of Atari through to dial up – I’ve always loved technology and it’s ability to transform lives.

In the past ten years I’ve had the privilege of helping people gain solutions to their problems in the tech space.

And since moving to Australia in 2012, I’ve worked with some great software companies ranging from start-ups here in Melbourne through to big data disruptors in Silicon Valley.

I’m proud of my achievements and here’s some of the highlights:

  • I’ve been in sales and marketing for nearly ten years
  • I’ve helped hundreds of people from around the world achieve their business goals
  • I’m a success despite the gender imbalance that exists within corporate technology

But none of these achievements compare to helping people like you achieve your dreams.

This is what energises me.

I’m a quick thinker.

I love to strategise.

I’d rather work on solutions rather than mull over a problem.

When I launched as a marketing consultant at the start of 2016, I did so with a clear intention: to support people in their missions to change the world.

But as I’ve grown, my business has evolved with me.

These days I focus my time and energy on helping people create a solid foundation for their business based on having a strong mission, vision and story.

Because all the shiny advertising campaigns in the world don’t mean much without this clarity.

So if you’re ready to bring clarity to your purpose, and create a lasting impact in the world, I’d love to connect with you.

Melbourne Copywriter - Kelly Myers
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