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Do you want to connect with your audience, but not sure how?

Great website copywriting is more than just some words on a screen.

Instead, it’s an opportunity to tell your story.

This is how people connect with you, and as that trust develops, people will begin to trust you and your brand.

Because when you show empathy to your readers, they will listen.

Because it’s not what you sell that makes you unique, it’s your story, and how you communicate why you do what you do.

The thing is though, with so many distractions it’s vital that your copy cuts through the white noise and gets straight to the point.

That’s where professional SEO (search engine optimised) website copywriting comes in.

It provides a Google-friendly framework for your story so it can be loved by people and Google.

Maya Angelou famously said

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

I will work with you to make sure your ideal customers feel connected to you and your brand on an emotional level.

We’ll work together to uncover your:

  • Background story
  • Values and ethics
  • Vision for the future

By focusing on:

  • why you do what you do
  • your ideal customer persona
  • the tone and message you ant to deliver

That way, you’ll always be a STAR (someone they’ll always remember) *cheesy but true*

It’s time to ditch the digital resume and start building connections.

Ready to hit snooze on mediocre copy and deliver a powerful message to your readers?

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